Deutsch Language Translation for Android app localization (Germany)

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for a translator who can accurately and consistently rewrite English material to Deutsch language.
You should be able to proofread, edit and revise translated material and MUST also possess native Deutsch language fluency for Germany. We need people who can give us the fastest and most appropriate translations.

The translations will be for a new mobile app, so some mobile/web/technical knowledge is preferred.
Owning an Android device and installing the App is a MUST. Materials for translation will include:

· Installation instructions
· App description (on Google Play)
· Marketing material (wesbite and landing pages etc.)
· Settings/menus

The source material consists of three (3) documents with the following word counts:

Document #1: 1100 words
Document #2: 400 words
Document #3: 1100 words

Translators must be natives of Germany and live there to understand current mobile language, such as SMS shortcuts, slang, local technical terms, and other more complex sentences that need to be localized, not translated literally.

If you bid, please tell us how much will it cost and when is the soonest that you can deliver the translations. As a part of the selection process, you will be provided a sample material for translation. Once you are selected as the final candidate, the rest of the files will be given.

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