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We have three separate datasets that need statistical analyses to help us confirm hypotheses and make decisions for future strategy

The three data sets are not large, and the hypotheses simple enough that it only requires one or two analyses using SPSS. A brief description is given here for your info so you can show examples that are similar and price accordingly:

A) Numerical responses from a set of psychological surveys for 30 students, with 36 items in the survey, taken pre and post intervention. We wish to analyse the data to identify if there are any significant differences between pre- and post-intervention, and also between 3 subgroups which we identify within the population of 30

B) Health testing data from 40 volunteers, with variables including age, blood pressure, heart rate etc and specifically a subjective stress scale to a given experimental task. We want to see if the given stressful task increases any variables such as the stress response, BP, HR reactivity, etc.

C) We have a set of win/loss records (including margins) between a league of 18 teams, over 6 games, and wish to compute a raw measure of wins/losses that allows for the relative strength of the opponents that each team has beaten (or lost to). We want to see if, given a different schedule, the win/loss results would be markedly different.

Given the three different data sets in this project, we are looking for 3 statistical analysts who will tackle one problem each - and the best (aka most accurate and quick) work will become our fulltime statistical analyst.

In your application, please indicate which of the data sets you wish to tackle for us, as well as an example project which is similar to the data set mentioned, and a time estimate for how long that should take you

Any applications which do not address these questions up front will be REJECTED IMMEDIATELY
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