Networking Hand Sketch Diagram Turned into Smartdraw

Networking Hand Sketch Diagram Turned into Smartdraw


Job Description

I am looking for a skilled technical designer that can take hand sketched diagrams and turn them into full presentation documents. We like to show design maps and information to clients presented on single page documents so they can understand there current network infrastructure and our purposed network infrastructure, usually cloud based.

These are mainly maps of networking and cloud design proposals. They need to be fully branded, designed with professional layout and information deliverables, bonus if you use smartdraw but not essential.

The company is in the IT Support & Website design industry so familiarity with this industry is preferred.

Contractor requirements

You need to be able to speak, read, and write perfect English (native speaker preferred, but not required). Other design experience and networking knowledge is an advantage.

If you can create modern professional infographics then you most likely poses the skills required for this position. Would prefer European or Americas applicants.

How to apply

In your cover letter, please reply back with 3 of your best samples of networking/technical/modern infograph type designs. Link your results from in your reply.


This is an as needed position but will be required server times over the coming 12 months.

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