Offline software solution for a logistics firm- No development

Offline software solution for a logistics firm- No development


Job Description

People who already have a complete solution package are encouraged to apply. We are not looking for development, we would like a pre-made solution

We are currently in the process of expansion of our business to other parts of india, as a relatively small player of the logistics business we are looking for solutions to maximise our outputs.

All work is being migrated from manual paperwork, to a computer based solution. Looking for a well developed and tested software, currently being used in the logistics field would be given preference. Priority would be given to solutions that would have the database within our company, however online solutions can also apply.

Key features we are looking for:-

1) Inter branch compatibility (across different cities) is a must.

2) Service tax, sales tax maintenance.

3) Medium learning curve.

4) Remote maintenance of servers ( if the people applying are from a different city)

5) User management and per user access to modules.

6) Company accounts

7) Reporting

We are looking for deployment of the solution within the next month. Other details can be discussed.