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Job Description

Hi Everyone,

I need an 3d model viewer like


But of course have some details.

It will work on android tablet. I know no support for webgl on android but firefox for android and chrome for android can do this. (I


The job is an 3d model viewer. It will work on an html file.

The 3D MODEL Viewer details.

*It should has slide operations like the example above and zooming.
*The most importand issue is that I can add models easly!
* It can be obj, js loader or whatever you want!
* The models shouldnt be big files. If can be, ıt less than 5 mb
*If needs an obj or json converter, you can give some tricks to me so that I can add models easly. No need to write converter.

*I want some variables like model size. I mean while adding models, ı want to change the size and other things If possible. (I saw an


The tablet details:

Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread
16:9 - 8,9"
1280*768 pixel
512MB ram
1Ghz A8 CPU ( Cortex A8)

Know, It will be slow but you can do perfect things ;)

I uploaded a picture you can see what I need.
At left frame there is going to be an list, when I clicked the model will come thats it.

I have no idea about this job's budget, you offer!
Also the time can be change ;)

If you have an question, pls ask.

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