Blue tooth timer / pump controller

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Job Description

I am looking for a timer control for a 1/2 hp motor 110 V. The timer should have 24 hour RTC set points -- up to 6+ times per day for an adjustable duration of 15 to 60 seconds. It should also be wireless (Bluetooth is desired) remote controllable to initiate the preset duration at anytime. It should also have an interrupt circuit that would stop operation (float switch will monitor low tank to protect motor and pump). Not required –( but desirable) would be a timer with dusk and dawn ( astronomical) selection .
User should be able to select times of operation and the pump duration time.
Set up example:
User inputs: Set 24 hour clock time
Set pump on time duration in seconds (from 15 to 60 seconds)
Set pump up to 6 “on” times (24 hour clock):
Example inputs: 6:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 7:30 PM

Operation example: Turn on pump motor at 6:00 AM FOR 45 SECONDS
Turn on pump motor at 1:00 PM FOR 45 SECONDS
Turn on pump motor at 9:00 PM FOR 45 SECONDS
Activate for 45 seconds via RF wireless remote
Signal inputs for timer controller:
1) Manual pump ON/OFF ( prefer to use input panel)
2) Float switch – inhibit pump if open
3) Wireless remote relay - momentary trigger to perform pump cycle preset duration

Possible components:.

• A: Microcontroller Board
• B: Bluetooth (BLE) Module
• C: Real-time Clock Module
• Software development libraries for the Bluetooth Module

Components should be survivable when enclosed in an outdoor sealed container box and exposed to any normal North American environment extremes.

Please provide proposal with functional logic diagram for review.
Two functional prototypes to be furnished along with sketches or drawings suitable for production.

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