Exchange Migration/ VM

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Exchange Migration/ VM

For this Exchange Migration/VM job we would like you to create the following:
- A project plan (Step by Step) how it will be done.
- Timeframe to complete the project. Both, billable tech time and time for client.

Existing Environment:
Exchange 2003 (v6.5) (Build 7638.2: SP2) on MS Server 2003 Standards SP2 (also the Domain Controller) as VM under Hyper V 2008R2 Datacenter.
80 Users with Exchange mailboxes
25 groups
8 contacts
10-14 Fully qualified names

Exchange Organization Name: XYZ
Default SMTP address for organization:
10-14 Fully qualified names

All Exchange Servers in forest DC=XYZ, DC=Local
Server Name: SERVER-xx

Server name: SERVER-xx
Storage group: First Storage Group
Store: Public Folder Store (SERVER-xx)
EDB file: S:\Exchange Data\pub1.edb
Size: 2,768 megabytes
SLV file: S:\Exchange Data\pub1.stm
Size: 3,148 megabytes
Store Size Total: 5,916 megabytes
Store: Mailbox Store (SERVER-xx)
EDB file: S:\Exchange Data\priv1.edb
Size: 31,038 megabytes
SLV file: S:\Exchange Data\priv1.stm
Size: 22,958 megabytes
Store Size Total: 53,996 megabytes
Storage Group total: 59,912 megabytes
Server total: 59,912 megabytes
Organization total: 59,912 megabytes


Summary of What We Want:
• Using New Server with 2012 Datacenter:
o Build 1st new 2012 server with all AD functions (keep existing 2003 domain controller)
o Build 2nd new 2012 server, install Exchange 2012
• Migrate Exchange to new server 2
• Migrate primary AD functions to new server 1
• Demote old 2003 AD controller.

If we like your project plan, you will be given the opportunity to implement it. This will open the possibility to work on more projects (upgrades, migrations, VMs, etc).

Important Notes:
- If you are selected for this job, we will increase the weekly hours for future projects.
- For Future Projects VMware is a plus.