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Job Description

I am currently writing a ImageMagick script bat file in windows. I have some experience by I am still very new to programming and ImageMagick so I need some help to along the way to complete my script. Its just a personal project.

I am looking for someone to offer some friendly help along the way and answer questions when I get stuck. I am not looking for some to complete a script for me...I will be doing that.

So basically I would be asking you very very basic questions (how do I do this, why is this not working, etc...). I could probably get free help on forums but I am posting this as a project because I like to work with one person and know I can get answers when I need them. A reply within 48 hours is sufficient for any questions I have, and I cant stress enough that this will be very basic stuff!

This project could go on for a few days or maybe a week. Please bid for one hour of work according to your minimum hourly rate. I don't expect your time in total with helping me to exceed 1 hour but of course if it gets there we can extend project by another hour increment.

Thank you!