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Writer / Interviewer / Searching the web


Job Description

I’m looking for a new writer for www.preacquaint.com

One of my writer has personal matters to attend to for the next 5 months or longer, and so I need to find another competent writer.

The purpose of the site is to find real stories in the world which create empathy and are inspiring. (The story titles all begin with "What it is like (or was like or will be like) to..."

You will need to contact potential interviewees by searching the internet on social sites, blogs, etc., and get them to agree to be interviewed by you, most usually by email, and sometimes by Skype.

Once you have gotten the raw information from the interview, you will need to write. It needs to be well-written, so you need to be a writer, and it must have excellent grammar and be proofread. If you have an interviewee who wants to write the story on their own, that's acceptable too.

The stories need to be inspiring, real and create empathy.

You will need to obtain permission in writing from the people you interview to post the stories on www.preacquaint.com, and you will post the stories there. You will also need to obtain photos from the interviewees to accompany the stories, which is very important.

Before you apply for the job, take a look at the site to get a sense of what's expected. Spend some time to read the stories there, because that’s the quality and diversity that’s expected.

You will need to be resourceful, enthusiastic and be a problem-solver. You will need to be dependable.

I must tell you that I will favour those who have a university degree, preferably an MBA and particularly a major in English. If you don't, but feel that you are nonetheless qualified, then explain it to me in your application.

I also give preference to those who have taken the time to take the tests on Odesk. And I do pay attention to the scores, particularly the ones related to the mastery (or lack of) of the English language.

I also look for individuals who have 'people' skills as well as research skills; and who can get things done.

If you know you are qualified, go ahead and apply, but if you appear too far off of the required qualifications, then don’t expect a reply.

Skills: english, grammar, research, interpersonal-skills

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