WiFi as WAN for TPLINK 702n (or similar) using DD-WRT or Open WRT

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Job Description

I have a Sprint Overdrive Pro (which is a 3g/4g) router that does not have a physical Ethernet port and only sends a WiFi signal. The equipment that I'm connecting it to only accepts a wired Ethernet connection. Ideally the Overdrive Pro have Ethernet port that I can connect to directly. When I setup the TPLink 702n, I'm having all type of issues setting up a VPN tunnel into the network.

My solution is to use TP Links 702n to connect to the Overdrive Pro's WiFi connection which would provide me an Ethernet port.

I need someone who knows how to configure routers, who is familiar with DD-WRT, Open WRT or Tomoto configurations and who can setup a WiFi as WAN for my setup.

I'm also open to other solution which could include connecting the Overdrive Pro directly to a small form-factor size router (i.e., TP Link MR3020)

Please respond with your skype info and your availability. This is an URGENT requests and needs to be done ASAP.