design my websiote

design my websiote


Job Description

Hello there, I would like to make website, here the detail.
1 that gonne be for buy and sell money currency . so there gonne be form buy and sell OR exchange. (2 coloum ).also register form
A HOME PAGE . On this page there gonne be contack form as pop out when clik contack. And also will be multilingual. also on homepage at the bottom will
6 banner, i want my homepage has header with picture not to big,after that namvenu,that all
left side will be has
#register (username ,pasword )
#table curency.
#suport (yahoo icon,skype icon, cellphone icon) and has hours operation

right side will be the content
at the bottom will six banner which i mention above

2 nav menu will be HOME, SERVICE,FAQ,TERM .
The service will be has form.the form format i will sent letter, thanks
please estimate and contack me via email for form, thanks

Skills: design, banner, yahoo