Sort files, check what is included, and combine in adobe


Job Description

I need a TEAM of people with one person running the group that I can correspond with.
The project will entail sorting roughly 700 files and updating a tracker to show whether or not they contain certain certificates.
These files will then be copied into individual unit number folders (30 of them), a few common files are also copied in and everything is combined. Each combined file should take a few hours to do. I need the whole job done in 8 days at the latest. Note, 3 files are needed per unit, the first being the largest (combining 90 files) and the other two significantly shorter (approximately 20 files).

Note: no payment will be made until the work is received and verified. I’m sorry, but I have had a few contractors ask for partial payment and just not deliver any work.

I will explain in more detail to whoever is hired and will show how to do the work on team viewer. Nothing complicated, just labour intensive work. Also note a good internet connection is needed as you will be downloading and uploading approximately 60-100GB.

If everything is done on time and quality of work is good a bonus is possible.
Proficiency in Adobe Pro and Excel are necessary.
I will be available Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM MST on skype to assist with any questions.