Project coordinator, HR & Assistant


Job Description

- You need to know how to find and hire the best resources. You will be assigned to hire expert resources to complete tasks, so you need a very good sense on evaluating who would be the best resource for a given task. Below is a typical list of resources needed that you will need to find, hire and manage. To clarify, you must not do these tasks yourself, but hire the right resources and manage the project from start to finish.

- I am looking for a project coordinator that will liaise with specific resources to ensure tasks get done in high-quality and that meet the deadlines.

You must be highly organized and self-sufficient. You must be very efficient and be someone who "just gets it".

We will probably talk once a day to check on your progress and for you to take details about open tasks from me.

Perfect English is important.

I am looking for a long-term relationship (monthly rate preferred).

Here's a list of typical resources, activities and outputs. You would be in charge of hiring the right resources, assigning the tasks, ensuring progress as well as the final output and meeting deadlines.

- Typical Resources Needed -
Videos Editors
Script Writers
Voice-over Artists
Marketing experts
Lead generation call/phone experts
Online Presenters

- Typical Activities -
Edit videos
Code website
Write scripts
Code mobile app
Find Focus Group Participants
Record voice-overs
Design logos
Design webpages
Evaluate designs
Schedule Meetings
Take Project Brief

- Typical Output -
Video Tutorials
Articles / Interviews
Website / Mobile App
Admin & Research
Live Go-to Meeting Presentations

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