Blogger Writer Needed

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Job Description

I currently have 2 website, a tech review website and a personal blog. The blog I just recently started and only have 2 posts and do not have enough inspiration to write more posts until I start getting more readers. I am looking for some one who can create good blog posts that will attract readers and have good english grammar. I am not expecting or wanting a perfect grammar essay on my blogs because I do want a little personality and maybe a little slang in the posts to make it a true personal blog rather then reading another "article". My niche is a whole array of things as my motto is, one bloggers view, which is geared towards anything for men such as, dating, tech reviews, why women do the things they do, how to be a gentlemen, cars, & so on. The writer I will choose does not have to be a male or female, just someone who is creative. This job could last one month, or I can give you a 6 month contract depending on how your first week goes. I will only require 3-4 posts a week right now but it may change as I will also be paying more. right now I am willing to pay $60 a month but I will pay $15 milestone payments each week until we can establish trust and I like your work then we can discuss more money.

Skills: english, grammar