Android Secure Communications - initial prototype

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Where possible existing open source shall be used to accelerate prototype development.

1. Enhance SE Android release to include user and device authentication. Google Nexus smart phone preliminary candidate.
2. Authentication of phone/user via client/server relationship.
3. Communications between authorised devices/users encrypted to AES256 / Suite B Cryptograhy.
4. Server side HTML5 hosted on Linux with UI to manage devices and users, i.e. authorise, block etc...
Initial prototype required leading to further development.
5. User authentication via PIN and device authentication via unique device fingerprint.

Example Scenario:

Two devices and users are authenticated therefore all communications is encrypted in peer-to-peer fashion but authentication is client/server. This is applicable to standard GSM voice calls, SMS, MMS, IM.

For one device that is authenticated and one that is not then communications is via normal means, i.e. clear. The contacts list will provide an icon next to user who can communicate securely.

All applications that will be secured are pre-installed as part of the SE Android.