ASP.NET / VB.NET / Javascript - Multiple choice "Hotspot", "Drag and Drop" demo prototype.


Job Description

I am going to need a prototype built with Visual Studio 2008 or later, ASP.NET with VB.NET utilizing javascript. In this prototype, I will have one main form (.aspx) file, with two Iframes on it (screen split in half). In the left Iframe, I will be displaying instructions for the user. In the right Iframe, I will be displaying 5 images. Depending on the "type" of response needed, the user will either drag and drop an image onto another image to select their answer (called drag and drop), or they will create use an alternative of "hotspots" for selecting their answer on an image. The javascript then will need to post the selected choice back to the server side for processing server side by the app. I'm going to spend the next day typing up the requirements for the project, and will post more detail once I have it here.

UPDATED - June 12 - 02:30 AM - I'm still working on the requirements document for this project. Won't post the actual requirements for probably another 48 hours.