Healthcare iOS app for entering patient measures, reporting and messaging

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We require help in developing a mobile app that will allow patients to enter certain measure such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc. The app will require
1. the patient to create a username, password
2. the patient to enter certain vital signs and specify when they entered it
3. allow the patient to view historical records/graph/report on previous records
4. a messaging system where patients will receive messages from their doctor and they can send messages as well.
5. remind the patient about future appointments
6. have a log-in screen for the doctor
7. allow the doctor to view patient vitals and measures historically
8. allow the doctor to view his entire patient population averages.
9. have a messaging system for the doctor similar to #4.

Further, there needs to be a web portal so that the medical clinic can
1. enter new patient information
2. enter measures/vital signs when the patient visits the clinic
3. run detailed reports
4. has a dashboard tracking the patient population on key averages

Obviously there needs to be a database back-end to store the necessary information which will be on the cloud or offsite system.

The app portion needs to be VERY user friendly, and a clean workflow. We have created the workflow and have a mock-up in Axure, so you can use that.

We wish to make a suite of disease specific apps, so if you can successfully implement this solution, we will retain you for the other apps.

An NDA needs to be signed as well.