Facebook Web Application Developer (Contract)

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

The project involves providing a structured and managed method to submit posts to a facebook group by members of that group from the group page.

I envision a form with approximately 8 fields that the user will fill in with information along with 3-4 check boxes that will also affect the text content of the post to the group.

Five of the fields will required simple validation (no database lookup) and seven of the fields must contain data.

In addition to the 8 fields described above, there will be another field where users can paste a valid link to a photo or album on their personal fb page.

This link will work consistently with the behavior of posting the same link using the normal posting method that is inherent in a group.

When a user pastes a link to a photo or album in a post screen and selects post, facebook displays that image as part of the post along with any text that was entered.

After the user completes the entry of data to the fields, he selects a post button that causes the app to initiate a post to the specific group, gives an indication of a successful or unsuccessful post, and returns the user to the normal view of the group page.

Error messages for incomplete data entry will not be extensive.