Virtual Video Server

Virtual Video Server


Job Description

I am trying to find a solution on our server (VPS Windows 7/Server 2008) to the following scenario:

What I am trying to do doesn’t seem as straightforward as I imagined.

Essentially, I would like to create an on-line workstation where closed caption transcribers can access the video file and create the associated transcription (as a .txt file).

That .txt file would be saved to the server.

Next, the captioner would marry the video and .txt file and add the timecode and save that result to the server (the closed captioning software would be available on the server).

The snags are:

- At the moment video sutters and sound is poor;
- A workaround is required be allowthe transcriber to use their foot pedal to control the speed of the video.(mapping the footpedal to the server has been suggesteed)

I require an all-in cost estimate and, of course, can provide access to the server.

Skills: video, windows-7, server-administration