Need expert web designer/programmer for complete website redesign using Wordpress


Job Description


I am looking for an expert programmer who has extensive experience with the wordpress CMS plugin, vBulletin, the YouTube API, basic graphic design, Amazon AWS (or a similar cloud based service) and being familiar with bootstrap (or some other adaptive/responsive design that works on mobile, tablets, etc) is also preferred.

I currently have a website that is run fully on the vBulletin software, and I’d like to give the whole site a complete facelift and start fresh. There are some custom coded plugins and functionality that I’d also like ported to the new, updated website, so having some prior experience with vBulletin is a huge plus. I intend to ultimately remove the vBulletin software and forum from my site completely, and utilize Wordpress.

This new website will function to support and strengthen an already existing brand on YouTube, and will heavily be focused on further showcasing the content hosted on YouTube through this domain (in an organized, useful manner). Some familiarity with the YouTube API is required.

The requested design of this new site has not yet been created, but I have a few basic template layouts for the main pages to outline the way I want the site to look and be structured. (will provide those images in a PM)

Being a designer is not required to bid on this project, although it would be helpful. I already have a graphic designer that can create the graphic elements required for this website redesign, but I plan on having him work on this after the main site functionality is coded and things are laid out the way I want them on the various site pages. If you are not also a graphic designer that is not a problem, feel free to bid on the project anyways, it is only required that you be able to at least code/theme a custom design into the wordpress CMS.

If you happen to be a talented graphic designer as well I may ask you to ALSO create all the new graphic elements required for this redesign for an additional fee. The new designs can be created from scratch or some elements from my current custom design can be used to create some updated graphics (psd source files are available).

I’d like for this updated website and database to be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), so some familiarity with their cloud computing solutions is required (if you recommend an alternate cloud provider, please specify so in your PM). Please specify whether you’ve done work involving AWS in the past.

In the near future after the main redesign is complete, the site will also be integrated with some VOIP functionality through Asterisk, if you happen to have experience with this software already that would be an added plus, but not required at this stage.

Regular communication and feedback throughout the course of this project will be essential, please let me know what type of IM clients you use and if you will be able to discuss some aspects of the project or updates over the phone/Skype.

Please also include some of your past clients and portfolio of previous projects along with your bid. This project will start off on an hourly rate until complete site functionality is mapped out, discussed and agreed upon, and at that point I'd be willing to settle on a fixed price for the remainder of the project.

I will NOT consider generic responses. Please prove to me that you intend to put some real thought and effort in this project. I have plenty of future projects if all goes well.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! :)