Project Coordinator with Scientific Experience

Project Coordinator with Scientific Experience


Job Description

We are seeking an operations coordinator with a basic understanding of science concepts, particularly in Chemistry and Materials Science. This person will coordinate projects for new, breakthrough research work done by some of the world's leading companies.

In this role, you will manage relationships with Fortune 500 clients by:
(a) Scheduling meetings with them by email
(b) Updating them on a weekly basis
(c) Delivering work outputs to them
(d) Responding to any requests they have

You will also manage PhDs who will complete the work requested by the Clients. This will involve:
(a) Recruiting PhDs (using support we can provide), selecting them for projects based on match to the competencies sought from the science companies
(b) Training PhDs on how to complete the work assigned to them using tools we provide
(c) Getting weekly updates from the PhDs on their progress with work, to communicate this back to clients
(d) Co-ordinating the work output from the PhDs with other staff, who will format the work into Word documents
(e) Ensuring PhDs complete their work on time

You will be managing this work for five to six science companies.

Since we are a small startup company, $8/hour to $10/hour is preferred to start. Pay and responsibility will increase with performance.

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