Inquiry for iPhone/iPad App development

Inquiry for iPhone/iPad App development


Job Description


I came across your profile as i was looking for an iOS developer.
I want to give shape to an idea into an iPhone/iPad App.
What i am looking for is mentioned in the following points:

1) Do you do both the UX and the development for an iPhone/iPad app?
2) What's the terms and conditions for holding the rights to my idea and the code?
3) Do you do a post Go-live support for a product?
4) Will you be giving user training and code training on what you have developed?
5) What's the estimated time and cost involved in developing an App to connect people based on their schedule updated in the app, and messaging?
So, the app essentially will have the below features -
a) update schedule - drop down to select time and location
b) search users based on schedule
c) connect to users
d) message users back n forth
e) profile verifications - fb, linkedin, twitter, phone # etc
f) reviews section....and few more additions may be...

6) Can you help in the Android version as well?
7) Can this code be translated to a website?

I apologize if my questions exposed my ignorance towards the iOS and Android market, as my experience to these technologies are almost nil.
However, from a client's perspective these questions are important for me.

Looking forward to hear from you.