PowerPoint Presentation with Audio/Video

PowerPoint Presentation with Audio/Video


Job Description


I am looking for someone to do a small 8 to 9 slide PowerPoint presentation with
animation and Audio/Video mixed in. I don't have the Audio or Video. I am
hoping there is stock stuff we can use in the presentation. I'll need pictures of
computer people working, IT professionals talking. I'd like to mix in some audio
and video if possible. If there is no video, still pictures will work too.

I'd like the presentation to allow people to click to the next slide when they are
ready, but automatically go to the next slide after 20 seconds or so if nothing
has been clicked.

I have the slides completed and can provide the company logo as a jpeg. I'm looking
to get this done ASAP.

If you are available, please let me know. Also, please include a link to examples
of your work.


Skills: video