Refine our Fine Art Marketing Book


Job Description

We have built a book that we show to museums, curators, and collectors in Adobe Indesign 5. I would not like to upgrade to 5.5 or 6. We want to have the overall layout to look better than what I've done. I will be using the layout you create to add pictures, text, and projects to the book as we continally develop content.

24 pages.

The project may include some photoshop, but most of the photos are already there touchup wise, or I will do it myself.

The images we want to use (or very similar ones) are already placed in the indesign file, but I may change it in the future. We are using dropbox for transfers.

The storyline is not set in stone, but I think it is pretty good, and we are interested in input to improve overall marketing impact, storytelling, and flow.

We are printing with Blurb. Experience with this service would be helpful.

So show me your best fine art design related portfolio piece. Direct link please, not a general portfolio.

The book should have a similar feel to our website. I will send the website after you reply for privacy reasons.

More specifics:

This is a book for a single artist. The artist and I work together. At art conventions (such as Art Basal), we carry the book. The artist attracts attention everywhere he goes. He is a peacock. The big images on the outside of the book are the carrot. People will ask questions and inquire where such works of art are at the show. Where did you find that?! The artist has an amazing ability to attract the right people. He often is surrounded by crowds of strangers in public.

The 12"x12" book front and back covers show the work we are looking to place. We will be sharing the book on request to both galleries and with interested collectors we meet walking around. This is a highlight book showing the new collection we are selling. It will be used in an insane, busy, manic environment. Therefore, the text should be concise and flipping through the book should show the quality, rigor, and relavance of the work to the broader art world.

We are also (and currently debating) adding a marketing infographic page. We believe marketing metrics are important to developing a fine artist's career, but don't want them to distract from the main message or interrupt the flow of artist discovery. I'm not sure if this is possible yet, but potentional galleries, investors, and patrons should feel that we are business and marketing savvy. It will make the artist easier to take on and show real potential for growth, and share our believe that great artists are built with hard work and business savvy, not just discovered in the wilderness.

I was a contract designer myself for over 10 years, and have managed teams, so I understand how to allow you to work and give you the information and direction you need without micromanaging or knit-picking you crazy.

I look forward to your thoughts.