Staging App Development

Staging App Development


Job Description

Thank you for your interest in working with my company. Can you reply with an estimate on developing a staging app, which would have functional buttons that, when clicked, would bring the user to the corresponding page, albeit unfunctional? It's a preliminary platform that will show people what pages the app has and how it would work. Please note : The app will be unfunctional and will not actually work, but the pages of the app, which we have already designed, will be displayed as a slide show, so my customer can see what the app will look like. I am not actually developing the app. I have already designed the pages, and I just need a screen shot/slide show of the pages to show to future customers. I want to be able to click an icon on my iphone and bring this 'sample' application up on the phone. It would just be a slide show of the designed pages, and when the user clicks a button on the app, the next slide would appear.
This is meant to be a staging app. It is just an sample app to show people how the real app will look and feel. The sample app will obviously have buttons and designs in the same way the real app will have them. But, in this sample version, the user should be able to 'tap' those buttons and then be taken to the page of the app that the button leads to. Again, we have already designed the pages, we just need someone to create this slide show, with functional buttons, and then upload the sample app to the app store and allow access for individual phones.

Also, please let me know if you have an app developer account, or if I would need to buy one for this project.

Best, Jay Kamin