US-Based (Only) SMM Expert with K-12 School Experience

US-Based (Only) SMM Expert with K-12 School Experience


Job Description

We need a US based freelancer (not on a work visa; a US citizen born in this country or has lived here for at least 5 years, full English speaking & grammar capabilities, etc.) who can zero in on technology decision makers at K-12 schools, and engage with them, leading them to agree to set up appointments for or free assessments by the client, to register on the client's site and download their media/info kit, to watch their tutorial videos, to submit an RFI/RFP to the client for bidding, etc.

The key decision maker titles, which can be at the individual school, school district and/or state level, include:

o Superintendents, Principals and other Senior Administrators
o IT Managers, CTO's, CIO's
o Communication Directors
o School Nurses and/or Health Center or Medical Center Managers
o Coaches, Trainers and/or AD's
o School Chaperones for Off-campus trips
o School Counselors & Psychologists

o Parents--connected to PTA, PTSA, the main parental influencers, possibly mommy bloggers, etc. In other words, only the highest potential "Broadcasters" of the software's importance, relative to the health and safety of their kids/the school population

- We MUST find someone with K-12 education or school-specific SMM experience, preferably for technology or software products

- We have a ton of strategic work, branding work and content that we have already generated. We just need someone who can unlock the doors when it comes to decision makers at US-based K-12 schools/school districts/state Boards of Education

- You must sign an NDA (attached) and an Alliance Agreement

- You must give us ownership rights to all work product created

- You must work as a member of our team, and not disclose your status, "company" info, etc.

Pls advise. This is going live in Jan, FYI. Thanks!

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