Health Expert/ Nutritionist ** New to oDesk Welcome**

Health Expert/ Nutritionist ** New to oDesk Welcome**


Job Description

PLEASE REALLY READ WHAT THIS IF FOR BEFORE APPLYING.... Do not send us your standard application letter telling us how good you are at article writing, blogging etc... We want to know if you can put your knowledge into action...

You must address our needs in your application cover letter. We want to know that you can help us develop meals, and a fitness program specificlly for three people in our office.

This is putting your true knowledge to work and helping us develop a nutritional program and if possible daily fitness program and sticking with us to modify meals/ fitness program as needed.

We realize the importance of nutrition, and it`s affect on our health. That`s why we have made a choice to get healthy in 2014.

Do you have a degree in the field of food chemistry, nutrition, personal fitness trainer or diet consultant or other related field?

Are you wanting to obtain a position that will enable you to use your strong organizational skills, educational background and work experience?

Would you enjoy being part of a team to help us put together a proper diet designed around our likes and needs with a fitness program that will help us achieve good health?

We will not accept bids higher than what has been listed on your profile, and will interview the lowest most qualified applicants first?

Must have great English written and verbal communication skills, and able to communicate well on Skype, and in virtual meetings, etc.

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