Character artist for Online War Game

Character artist for Online War Game


Job Description

We make online war games in the science fiction, modern war and fantasy genres. We need your help as a part-time 2D character artist. We're looking for professionals who enjoy creating new characters, and have portfolios that show a diversity of character design, features and expressions. Part-time projects may lead to regular contract work as well as full time roles.

For the modern war game, characters will be striking, realistic and in the modern military genre (ex. commanders, pilots, army personnel, etc.). For the fantasy war game, characters will be medieval and in the fantasy genre (ex. sorceress, archer, fighter, goblin, etc.). Depending on skill level, we may hire one artist to do character illustrations for both games, or for just one of the games.

If you are interested in such a role, we'd ask your help completing a test project similar to some of the regular work you would take on in this role.

The project would be taking the following photo ( and painting over the actress to create a fantasy or science fiction character of your choosing. As an alternative to the project, if you've done similar paint over work in the past please send us links to the original photo and the new image as an example.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

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