Editing/Proofreading Web Content


Job Description

If you submit a proposal for this job posting without reading the requirements it will be quickly set aside. You must follow the instructions carefully so that I know you will do the same with the tasks I assign you.

Now, on to the details…

I have high expectations for myself and the people that work with me. But, that’s actually good news for you. You’ll be challenged to improve and learn every day. And, you’ll be given the tools to do that – you just need to be a self-motivated person that will proactively dig in to the training materials I’ll give you access to.

We have several businesses with web sites that focus on a variety of topics including telecom (B2B) and addiction recovery (B2C). So, you need to be flexible but you don’t need to be the subject matter expert – that’s my job.

You need to be a positive person that is focused on continuous improvement. I expect you to be organized, productive, efficient and a problem-solver.
You need to be willing (and I encourage you) to ask thoughtful questions AFTER you’ve thoroughly reviewed the assignment and materials you’ve been given. If you have a better way to do something, I want to hear about it.

Any time we can use automation to make a process more efficient and effective, we will take advantage of it…as long as it doesn’t jeopardize our overall goals and intentions.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, you must meet the following requirements:

General Requirements
1. Have a headset so that we can TALK on Skype. I don’t use IM – it’s way too slow for highly productive people like us!
2. Have a reliable computer and fast internet connection.
3. Have a way to let me know if you are not able to work for some reason
4. Be fluent in US English – writing and speaking. Any communication you send to me will be seen as an example of how you would communicate with my clients/customers/associates. Keep that in mind.
5. Be available during my work hours in the US. I am -5 GMT. So, your work hours should include some or all of the period between 3 PM and 8 PM GMT Monday through Thursday. We will need to Skype regularly during these hours.

Specific Skills for the Writing Assistant Position
1. Writing/editing from transcribed material (created by me)
2. Writing from material you’ve collected by interviewing me
3. Keyword integration for SEO
4. Proofreading
5. E-zine creation (assemble pre-published material)
6. Content curation (articles that I forward to you)

We will use Odesk to track time and for payment. We will use TeamworkPM for project/task management.

How to apply:

In your proposal, address each of the 6 points in the Specific Skills section above telling me what your previous experience has been. It would be helpful to relate it to your resume that is posted on Odesk. You also need to confirm that you meet each of the 5 General Requirements and provide enough detail so that I feel comfortable that you are ready to work as a reliable freelancer. I would like to develop a long-term working relationship.

Lastly, you may add any specific information or details that you think would be helpful as I compare your proposal to the other that I receive. In other words, please differentiate yourself. Why should I hire you?

So that I know you have followed these instructions, please use the following as the first line or headline of your proposal:

6 Specific Skills and 5 General Requirements

Thanks for taking the time to submit a thoughtful proposal. I look forward to Skypeing with you soon.