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Job Description

We have a gourmet cupcake shop. We started from our home and eventually purchased a storefront. At the shop, we sell gourmet cupcakes and frozen yogurt.

Now that we have been successful, we also teach other people that they too can start their own cupcake business from home and have the same success we have had.

So in essence, we have 2 businesses we are growing.

We recently purchased Infusionsoft. We do not know everything it can do for us and we need help getting it set up.

For the cupcake shop, we need expert help:

1. On the technical side setting up our shopping cart experience. We may need HTML support to do this properly. We need customers to be able to tell us if they are purchasing for an in-store pickup, delivery, or to ship nationwide. Then, if it's an in store pickup, we need customers to be able to choose date and time of pickup and that the date and time clock is always preset for "tomorrow" meaning no one can purchase same day for same day pickup. For delivery, we not only need the date and time, we then have another set of questions - like delivery address, person receiving the delivery, etc. For nationwide shipping, we again, need date and time again. For a good example of what we need, see Georgetowncupcakes.

2. We also need help on the technical side of setting up campaigns, tags, etc. for our customers to attract new people, keep customers coming back, etc.

3. We also need sales andmarketing strategy help. We need an expert in Infusionsoft in the strategy of attracting, nurturing, and keeping customers. We can do the footwork of developing materials, but we need help developing the strategy.

4. Design a marketing plan/strategy/campaign in Infusionsfot for "brides to be." We have a list of brides who will be married and we want to create a campaign to reach them so they consider having cupcakes for their wedding. This needs to include email, phone calls, etc. We want someone who knows how to develop a campaign from beginning to end.

5. Overall, we want to use Infusionsoft to attract more traffic to our website and automate our marketing; capture, nuture, convert people to paying clients; create holiday campaigns; create social media campaigns.

For our business that helps others start their own business, we are still in the start up phase. We are still developing materials. We think Infusionsoft will be a powerful tool. Once we develop our e-book, a webinar, a high-end educational pacakage, we need someone to help us:

1. Develop campaigns within Infusionsoft - landing pages, tags, campaign, webinar, etc.

Overall we are looking for technical support navigating and setting up Infusionsoft and strategic marketing support to help us with our internet marketing and automation strategy.

Share with us your past Infusionsoft success stories. Who have your helped? Will they provide you an excellent reference? What can you do for us? How long will it take? Are you able to communicate during US hours, anytime between 9am to 9pm PST?