Quick mobile-looking UI HTML prototype

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Urgently need a mobile-friendly page by the end of Saturday 16 March. To be used in a sales demo on Monday 18 March.

Requirements -

On entry:
- search box at top, like the one at top of gmail app on iphone
- below that, a list of "search results", by default will be populated (again, similar to inbox)
- each line of search results:
.. thumbnail on left, aspect will be like newspaper page (more portrait than square). Sample image will be provided.
.. story title plus first two-lines of text with an elipses and/or 'read more' link at the end ...
.. obvious call to action to touch the search result item.

- when you touch an item, the whole thing should slide right (again, like folders->inbox transition in gmail)
- shows a larger version of the image, with story text below it. Story content includes: title, date, publication name, body text. Sample story(s) will be provided.
.. text should be optimised for being able to read it (these are gardening articles)
- standard way to get back to search results.
- maybe some sort of spinning wheel thingy for when the search is waiting for response to indicate that something is happening.

If you just do something with say 4 items in results.

This is a HTML5 prototype that is designed for a mobile screen. It may also be used on a tablet or desktop browser but doesn't need to be optimised for these two experiences. The idea is that it's a HTML prototype that has the feel of an app.

Design/Look & feel - There's no creative design for this. If possible, use twitter Bootstrap. If not using Bootstrap then it just needs to look reasonable.

Please deliver static HTML5 for the two pages by end of Saturday 16 March, earlier if possible.

Skills: gmail