Flipped a coin

Flipped a coin


Job Description

Helo, my name is idan ash
And i work in high tech industry in israel

I have a few ideas for apps i will like to bulid and get it insifpde the app store of apple ..
With your help

I will need ios devloper for iphone / ipad
And i guss i will need sombody cen guide me with all the staps nedded to make this happen ...

For start i wiil like to make simpel app of a coin that you cen just Flipped

Like you do in the Reality to give fate decide for you for some Decision

Yea its simthing very simpel but for me its a point of start

So if you like start working with me , and you understent i will need a guide for

All the next steps after devlop the app a few other qustions i have

I am waiting for your application

I am willing to pay 10$- 17$
Per hour