Looking for an awesome Russian-speaking iOS development team

Looking for an awesome Russian-speaking iOS development team


Job Description

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a Russian-speaking iOS development team. We have several mobile projects we wish to develop. This includes projects like:
- mobile dating services;
- location-based services;
- branded business applications,
- social mobile applications.

We prefer teams that have their own designer and back-end developer. Having your own office for effective collaboration is a plus.

Please include answers to the following questions:
1. What is the number of people in your team?
2. Please describe the technical skills you have in your team? UIKit, Cocos2d? Maybe MonoTouch or augmeted reality? If you have a back-end developer, please mention it.
3. Do you have an office or do you work remotely?
4. What apps have you already submitted to the App Store? Please include only real projects (we know how to find out if it's fake).
If there's a project that hasn't made to the App Store for some reason, but you can show a build, please include it too.

Happy bidding,