php Programmer

php Programmer


Job Description

We need a PHP programmer to build out complex programmers. They need to have at least 3 years experience.

You also will receive projects from well experienced php programmers so you must be on the top of your game.

You should know:

1. php Programming
2. Javascript, AJAX
3. CSS
4. mySQL

Attention to details. We'll give you designs to implement they need to be spot on. When you lay the screenshot of the Output over the image it needs to be exact copy.

Testing and Checking Information: This is extremely important. We do not want to be testing your work.

Coding organization, commenting and cleanliness. Your code needs to be very well formatted. Proper commenting. We will develop different applications even for other Developers. Your code needs to be high performance, secure as it will be viewed by highlevel php programmers.

If you are not confident that you do not have these skills then don't apply.

To Apply:

1. Send us your resume.
2. Coding sample php
3. coding sample css
4. SQL query sample.

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