Write blogs about what you love!

Write blogs about what you love!


Job Description

We will be the #1 resource for summary content!

We need plot summaries for each of our partner sites:

Anime Plot Summaries (http://animeplotsummaries.blogspot.com/)

Comic Book Summaries (http://comicbooksummaries.blogspot.com/)

Fiction Plot Summaries (http://fictionplotsummaries.blogspot.com/)

Manga Story Summaries (http://mangastorysummaries.blogspot.com/)

Movie and TV Plot Summaries (http://movieandtvplotsummaries.blogspot.com/)

Star Wars Summaries (http://starwarssummaries.blogspot.com/)

Read or watch the things that you already enjoy and then just write a quick summary of it.


You will receive $.10 per summary. No upfront payment.

The person with the most submissions published during any one month will also receive a $10 bonus.

If you are an oDesk contractor and are viewing this job on oDesk, you will be hired and paid through oDesk.


When writing to Content Summaries, please include the name you’d like to be credited with and the full title of your source material.

Summaries must include:

- the credited writer or producer of the source material (book author, film director, etc.),

- your name or nickname,

- an accurate and reasonably full synopsis of the material (we want DETAILED summaries of individual anime episodes, manga volumes, graphic novels, etc.)

- a relevant link to more information on the subject (such as an interview with the writer/director concerning the material or a critical review of the material),

- and a link to an image of the material (book cover, movie poster, episode screenshot, etc.)

Summaries must be in your own words, not copied from another website. Posting copied summaries will result in a negative ranking for the website and your post will not receive as many hits.

Content Summaries does not accept duplicate summaries. If a summary has already been written on a source material, we will not accept another summary on that same material. Acceptable duplicates include summaries of single comic book issues, single books, or individual television episodes or movies as opposed to graphic novel, season, or series summaries. Each can be submitted as separate summaries, provided they are worded differently so as not to repeat the same exact information in either instance.

Summaries must be in readable English to qualify. You do not need to have perfect grammar, but a native English speaker must be able to read and understand your summary with relative ease. We do hope to expand to other languages in the future.

Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with others!