Professional data manager

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We’re a leader technical publishing house, and from our profile you can see we work pretty good on Odesk.
We’re looking for a part time analyst / data manager / data miner. The position is for a project that will start next week, but can get continuous.
Strong accuracy, absolute reliability, opennes to learn new procedures and new software, communication skills, readiness on tasks, mastering of excel basic features, are the main competences needed. No particular deep statistical background is required.
Files managed by the contractor will contain strings in italian, whose understanding however is not required for the position, if the candidate is smart enough and able enough to express questions to the english speaking management.

Please include in your application answer to the following question.

At the link , that is a demo website of us, you can see a dynamic page with geographical and statistical data, whose title sounds, in english, “Percentage distribution of foreign population for origin area”. Describe as detailed as possible the logic of the page, as soon as you understand it. Ask appropriate questions for not clear points.

The test drive task for candidates is contained at the following link.
Please include in the application how much time / which information you would need in order to accomplish that task. Candidates that will want to include in the application the accomplishment of that task will be preferred.

Skills: data-collection