Videos required for Martial Arts Exhibition

Videos required for Martial Arts Exhibition


Job Description

An event to be hosted in Australia will require the services of a talented, creative, and intelligent specialist to create some short sharp videos which will attract the public to purchase tickets to the event.

In the past I have used other sites which have not produced the right results.

I am looking for someone who can create the videos I need in a short amount of time but make them cinema quality. They do not have to be lengthy, but just convey the message. The message will need to grab the attention of the public so they can come along to the show.

You will need to source all footage, images, sounds on your own. I cannot provide you any of the material except for text for the videos. I can however provide you my logo.

If this sounds like you, then get in touch with me and we can work out a deal. If this is done correctly, I will be hiring you to complete more work. I will have at least another 5 videos to be completed.