Design and Graphic Collection/Generation for app

Design and Graphic Collection/Generation for app


Job Description

The work for this app requires:

1) A visibly appealing logo that is like my competitors, but slightly different

2) Collection of 170 backgrounds (70 in free version 100 more in paid) to go behind the text of the slogans. These can be found for free online ( but please ensure they are Creative Commons-licensed content for commercial use, adaptation, modification or building upon) please refer to the Keep Calm app that I got you to download for inspiration of the types of background pictures I would like.

3) Alongside the 70 backgrounds in the free version I would like you to add in 70 corresponding slogans that fit in with the picture/image (refer to the app downloaded for inspiration) use 70 of the free icons to go at the top

4) 500 Images (300 in free version, 200 more in paid version) to go at the top of the slogan (for example a crown in the standard "keep calm and carry on" slogan. Each image relates to the slogan somehow and helps the user customize their slogan they want to create (refer to for the types of image i would like gathered)

5) Various buttons and graphical entities for the navigation of the app