Database integration mysql and core php, wordpress and cake php


Job Description


1) Merge Three databases

Merge all tables in the three projects as one database, If any table name is duplicate in db’s need to rename the table name and that change is need to do in the corresponding project needed files and area.

Project Task
branch(fields name are different and some are more)

category (same fields)

conditions(order_id is additional in catering)

currency(currency in catering-currency_name in reservation)

format(same fields)

orders (entirely different)

subcategory(image_path and branch_id is more in catering)

table_branches_rating (same fields)

table_branches_reviews(same fields)

tax(different fields)

users(different and additional fields)

Web341_12 ---------- Web341_14

category(different concept table but need to rename table name)

orders(different concept table)

tax(different fields , i think different concept)

unit(different table and concept)

Users(different table and concept but need to rename)

Web341_12 ---------- Web341_11

users(differnt table concept.)

Web341_13 ---------- Web341_14

branches(different and additional fields)

category(different table concept but need to rename)

orders(different fields and need to disucuss about same concept or not)

remarks (different concept)

tax (different Tax)

need to change all corresponding mysql queries and code in the source code in all over the area in three projects.

2) Login form and access should be common for all (10 to 15 days(8h/day))
After merge all table, Gastro admin panel should be act as admin panel for reservation system, catering system and back office system. Super admin , branch admin login, privileges and everything should be through single window access.
While do this tasks , need to customize full admin panel of gastro and need to connect relation for thre projects, it is also large time taken tasks.
3) Products and categories are common for all
Products and categories should be common for catering and reservation but price should be different for both, products and categories should be follow us the catering project tables
This is also customization tasks for three projects and also need to coordinate and control sourcecode running flow, it is also large time taken tasks
4) Subscription Manager
Anyone can take franchise through choosing the subscription. Subscription plan is different, subscription plan is deigning and managing by super admin through gastro super admin panel. Each plan should be display in the registration page , and user can choose any plan and do the payment for subscription, he will get the auto mail confirmation and he can run his branch from that time. Branch admin user will create through that and super admin can mange that user and his branch through super admin panel.
Subscription privilege is depends on subscription plan, if plan is only for catering, that branch manager only can manage catering modules , depends on the plan only get the access privilege, permission and privilege is setting by super admin.
Subscription plan module is related in adminpanel and also privilege is relating to each and every functions in the three projects, so need deep customization in three projects and core and all level. For handling access level and privilege of users.

Here Below is the comparison of existing db,table and field , and weblinks
Web341_11 - Wordpress (
Web341_12 - catering ( )
user: pass: koundy ( here you view all branches with same user id
demo branch try :
Web341_13 - Reservation ( )
user : koundinya pass : admin 123
from here you can see other user ids and passwords
front end demo branch :
admin : user : freyastrasse , pass : 123456
Web341_14 - extranet_backend
Web341_12 ----------web341_13
user: demo

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