Ruby on Rails Developer


Job Description

Hi, we are looking to recruit a web programmer (probably 2 to speed things up), preferably from the same company/agency.

For confidentiality reasons, I won't disclose the project here fully. But in a very broad & general sense, it is an advanced/complex solution with the following features, at the minimum:

- profile creation
- each profile has associated attributes
- media support [uploading pics/videos]
- communication platform: ability to send messages within the application
- ability to search profiles based on individual attributes
- blog feature with back-end CMS support

Those are some very broad and general features of the application. Of-course these are technical & development aspects. The front-end UI is still under works w/prototyping being done as we speak.

Please submit your resume with the closest application in terms of features that you developed. And whether or not you designed it, got it designed, or have a designer in your team.

For the portfolio that you submit, please indicate the approx it took you to develop the solution.

Please do not submit Generic applications, I won't sift through them, they will be ignored/deleted. Like don't submit to be a autobody workshop website. Because that is not relevant to this project.


Skills: prototyping

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