Web Developer Retainer for Multiple Sites

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am seeking a PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS Developer for a mutual commitment for a six month part-time term to update and modify my existing website portfolio. The portfolio consists mostly of website games, but I also have a few other sites that are online apps that will also need work.

The websites are written in PHP, use MySQL, and run off a couple of LAMP servers. Most of the sites are website based games. I acquired these sites but do not have the time nor skills to fix the sites myself.

As an example of what I am needing done is fixing the ecommerce store for my games site located at Urbaniacs.com. Another example would be to install a cache manager for a game that is currently not running because the original developer bailed on me. A third example is converting a custom arcade front end to work with a WordPress arcade site.

Part of the contract will require that you provide to me a catalog of files for the sites you are working on with a quick summary of what each executable file does. So if a file is the ecommerce file, I want that listed in a simple excel file.

Finally, doing some on-site SEO is a part of the contract. Ensuring that the web pages are easily findable and readable by the search engine is important.

Initially the contract will be for part-time work with a commitment for six months. I am looking for the right combination of developer value and experience.