Dojo/PHP/MySQL work required

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Someone who has worked with the JS framework Dojo, familiar with MySQL/PHP, and who has understanding of English.

When submitting bids for the work please submit the time frame you can finish the work.

First Piece of Work

The first piece of work will use this example( with some modifications.

Required Modifications.

The data that is used in the dojo datagrid must come from a MySQL database with a table constructed like the data structure in the example. Use PHP to query the MySQL database. The results of this query will be the data used to display in the dojo data grid.

The code must contain an 'onRowClick' dojo datagrid object event that when clicked on displays a dojo dialog box with a form with the fields Column 2, Column 3, Column 4 from the record or row that was clicked on. The dialogbox should look similar to the 'Dialog via markup, and actionBar' on this page( The dojo dialog box must contain a close button(closes the dialog box and returns to the datagrid page) and a submit button(which submits the updates via PHP to the MySQL database). Once the update code executes the dialog box screen will close and the screen will go back to the datagrid page which will display the updated records.

Second Piece of Work

The second piece of work shall be based on this example ( Use the 'Declarative Example'. Two dojo button objects must be added. One button(lable it 'Cycle') must when clicked cycle through the tabs. For example when it is clicked it moves from the current tab to the next tab along. The second button (label it 'tab2') will always select the second tab.