20 seconds of Folky Country Acoustic Guitar - Will Lead to a $180 job if all goes well.


Job Description

This is a small job to test out a guitarist for a much larger $180 job if things go well. I am producing some music in the vein of the Firefly/Serenity soundtrack and the game Bastion. I need someone to play some dark folky guitar riffs similar to these three samples:




this first small job is just a test, if you land it and do a good job, we'll do a bigger one with 5 songs, with 2-3 riffs per song...I will compose the parts and send you a synthesized version. you will be expected to use a DAWS to record the acoustic or electric guitar and send me the isolated track stem.

Please supply a sample of your guitar playing that is ONLY a guitar. I want to hear the recording quality of your acoustic guitar.

Please put "Folk Guitar 123" on a line by itself to confirm you both read the entire description and know how to follow directions. APPLICATIONS THAT DO NOT SUBMIT SAMPLE OR FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS WILL BE REJECTED.

Skills: guitar, music-composing

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