Web Design - PDF generation


Job Description

I have an online database and about 10 PDF documents that need to be filled out with this data. I need someone to add the PDF's to the database. In other words, once i log onto the existing database and add a customer, I need to be able to generate these pdfs with the customers information. Once the PDF documents are generated, they need to be saved to where multiple people from my organization will have access to them. With that said there is some web design with this project. THE PDFS NEED TO LOOK AND FUNCTION EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINAL FILES. You cant remake the pdfs, you have to use the original file and once opened, all of the fields must still be editable. Most of the PDFs are only one page but there are two that have 4 or 5 pages that have to be filled out. I believe all together there are about 20 pages and some of the pages only have 1 or 2 fields. if you would like to log onto the database the link is below.


username: admin
password: password

the pdfs are attached as well. there is one or two missing but this is about 95% of the work

I will hire you but only if you thoroughly answer the following questions and are in agreement with the following terms and conditions:

1.explain to me your understanding of the project and ability to deliver a finished product

2. can you finish the project in 3 days?

3. I will pay you 25% upon 1st successful update, meaning when you show me a portion of the work is completed and to my satisfaction, 50% when work is at 75% completion, and the balance when the job is complete

4. you are certain that you can make the PDF's look identical to the original documents and once opened they must still be editable.

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