SEO for Parked Domains


Job Description

My client has requested that we do the below project for him. He'd like multiple domains to link to his main website.

The contractor that I hire will have proven results in the SEO market and will be able to show me those results. If you can't prove your results, don't apply. We will chat on skype before the project starts and you'll have to explain to me how you'll do this project.

Email from my client:

"Basically, I have a number of domain names that I have "owned" since law school and I was hoping to put them to good use. Really, what I'd like to do is utilize them for search engine result purposes and have them link directly to my attorney page on J***** I was hoping you could tell me what that would entail, if it would be worth doing, and what sort of expense I'd be looking at. An example would be bu*****

I know that just because someone Googled "business lawyer arkansas", b****** would not be the top result. However, I want it to be, and then I want that link to go directly to my attorney page on the firm website.