Product Configurator with 3D Capabilities

Product Configurator with 3D Capabilities


Job Description


I need a Product configurator with 3d capabilities that will be included in a webpage and accessible to users via normal browsers.

The Product configurator should manage a library 3d models of Housings ( mechanical products ).
Upon selection of the needed Product, such 3D Model of the Product must be read from the library, imported into the rendering engine and certain mouse and keyboard events must assigned for manipulation.

The manipulation of the 3D Model in the rendering engine should consist of:
1. rotation of the 3D model of the product by mouse click and drag
2. introduce certain modifications that the user intends to apply to the Product: holes and openings into the housings. The holes are described by their radius, the openings are described by their shape and some dimensional parameters.

Thus, there should be a panel of available modifications into the Housing product at the left or right side of the Product. The user should drag and drop the chosen modification(=hole or opening) onto the 3D model of the Product(Housing). The product configurator should read the dimensions of the holes and openings via Keyboard.

After that, the user positions the modifications upon the face and on precise coordinates he intends . The coordinates must be visible in a corner of the Product configurator.

Note that
NOT all faces of the Housing can be processed, the ones available for modifications should be marked in a different color.

After the hole or opening is positioned according to the user's wishes, then he clicks on a "SUBMIT" button, then the complete 3D model, including the modifications, must be converted to 2D and showed in the Product configurator or the Webpage itself.

Afterwards,when clicking the "Next" button, the following should appear on the webpage:
1. Original picture of the Housing
2. the 3D model of the Housing with the modifications marked
3. the 2D technical drawing of the Housing, including the modifications plus geometrical dimensions
4. an invoice calculated as follows:
1. cost of the material (=price of the product) +
2. cost of the processing (=depending on the machine used, material,complexity of the operation)

Costs should be extracted from a database whose records list the prices of the Housings, and the prices of processing.

Next, after clicking "Next" button, same things should be printed on a Customer Order .pdf document:

1. Original Picture of the Housing (scaled, in the upper right corner)
2. the 3D model of the Housing with the modifications marked (scaled, somewhere)
3. the 2D technical drawing of the Housing, including the modifications plus geometrical dimensions
4. invoice as previously described
5. of course, standard stuffs like Order ID, Customer Name, Date, Name of the Product and Manufacturer PART NUMBER of the Product.

Most what I put up above, goes from the user's point.
I do now want to extend the specifications beyond what is really necessary, therefore feel free to address me any additional technical inquiries.

If you have other ideas, I am open for suggestions.
To the extent I am acquainted with web technologies, I would prefer either:
Flex+php+Mysql or Java+php+Mysql.

Please include your previous portfolio and case studies in your quotes.

Feel free to address me any supplementary questions if needed.

Thank you.

Why would you choose this project?
We are looking for service provider, rather than a one-time delivery solution. Once we are fully satisfied, than you are going to receive a constant work amount over a period of 1 to 2 years from us.

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