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hi i am looking for a matlab expert to do my project asap, it is due for thursday 31st of jan and i need it done.

You are required to complete the following tasks for the Engineering Mathematics MATLAB assignment. The assignment is divided into four parts, each worth 25 marks. Please submit code for any part that you have attempted, even if you are unable to complete the entire assignment.
Completed MATLAB functions should be submitted via Black Board before the deadline of 2pm on 31 January 2013. For each of the four parts, you should upload a .m file in the given format. Part 3 additionally requires a PNG image to be uploaded (details are given below). Files are uploaded as follows:
1. Open the Engineering Mathematics page in Black Board.
2. Click Assignments on the left of the window.
3. Click the ASSIGNMENT:MATLAB link.
4. Scroll down to the Attach Submission Files section of the page and use the Browse My Computer button to select and upload each file in turn.
5. Click Submit to confirm the upload.
Please ensure that your functions exactly follow the format given in the questions (remember, in particular, that MATLAB is case sensitive). You can upload your solutions to Black Board at any time up to the deadline. If you upload a second time, then any earlier versions will be overwritten, but note that all files must be resubmitted if you do this, not just files that you have changed since the last upload. It is recommended you familiarise yourself with the upload procedure well before the submission date to make sure you understand the system.
Anti-collusion software will be used to check for similarities in submitted code. Please consult the UWE assessment guidelines ( or ask a module tutor if you require confirmation of what constitutes plagiarism or collusion. For this assignment, it is acceptable to discuss ideas with fellow students, but the final submitted code should be entirely your own work.
All submitted functions will be tested against undisclosed input parameters. There may be slight discrepancies between any two “correct” answers due to rounding errors (for example) but full marks will be awarded where answers are within a reasonable tolerance of the exact values and a sound methodology is adopted.
Finally, you should note that Part 4 is designed to be challenging, despite it being worth the same as parts 1 to 3. How you manage your time when completing this assignment is up to you, but bear in mind that the total time expected to complete it all is 18 hours.

Skills: engineering, mathematics