Binary options Forex Auto trader software.


Job Description

I have a roulette strategy that I believe can be used for binary options Forex trading. It is called the Fisher Roulette Strategy and is the only known gambling or Roulette strategy that never loses. (It will come free for you with this deal). These trades are done every 60 seconds. I would like a software developed that will auto trade using this strategy, and has a built in diagnostic program that can raise and lower bets and quit if any problems arise. I would like it to auto trade as long as the computer is on for 24 hours a day, as long as the markets are open, and if the internet connection drops, or the market closes, it will sense that and stop all trading with an alert. The site I'm presently thinking of using is It has the ideal betting of $1 minimum, and $1000 maximum bets, which would allow for up to $3 bets to be placed each time, while still being safe.