Research contact information from websites

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

This is a job for 2-3 researchers.
PLEASE WAIT until countries get assigned to you.

1) We will provide a website where you will find several companies who offer travels within a specific country
2) Scan the website provided for the country sub-pages assigned to you
3) get all company names from that website (between 10-50)
4) go in google and research company website for contact details e. g. phone, email address, postal address, contact name (if given)
5) enter the contact information into our CRM (SugarCRM), flag them as "partner" > login details will be provided

We also provide a document + screenshots as guideline.
We pay hourly but cancel contract if less progress is made by you or contact details are wrong when we test the email or phone details you entered. On the other hand this job can be a long-term as we have several pages to get contact details from or have more address and contact research ongoing in 2013-2014

PLEASE ONLY APPLY if you have done similar address research work. Experience with SugarCRM is a plus but no must.