Development of Angular.js directives for responsive html5 web app

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We are building a large application which tracks, captures and visualises data from provided APIs.

We are seeking construction of a series of angular directives which will take a string input of a url to a JSON endpoint, render UI components based on the JSON data and post updates based on user input.

The API is written in .net MVC, but for frontend development we use node.js/express and a Grunt build system.

Work deliverable will ideally be a pull-request consisting of a directivename.js directivename.less & directivename.html for the directive template.

Some of the directives/components we are looking to build are:

- A time-machine style history viewer
- A tree based navigator (similar to OS X system profiler)
- A google map wrapper with vector overlay

Design style is very minimal, modern browsers only but components must scale responsively from mobile through to large screen.